The Founders Society

Duel4it is a young startup company from Barcelona focused on developing mobile games. What started as just an idea by the end of 2012 quickly took shape and, in just over a year, we are proud to have a multidisciplinary team that allows us to cover all necessary areas to develop the best games.

Duel4it's phylosphy is simple: making games we like to play. For that, we avoid pay-to-win models and intrusive advertising. We are not interested in copying anyone else's games either. We work every day to create games that are innovative and fun, designed by ourselves, for you to enjoy.

Duel4it is our first work and it's already available for Android. Duel4it is destined to be one of the most innovative, strategic and fun mobile games. But it is just the beginning: we are preparing many more surprises that you will all soon be able to enjoy.

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  • Jordi Boix

    Chief Executive Officer and Programmer

    June 2012 - present time

  • Joan Julià

    Lead game designer and Copywriter

    June 2012 - present time

  • ALberto Royan

    Chief Financial and Legal Officer

    June 2012 - present time

  • Jaume A

    Visual Design Lead and Project Manager

    Dec 2012 - present time

  • Sara Pérez

    Illustrator and Graphic designer

    June 2013 - present time

  • Roberto Fernández

    Programmer and Graphic designer

    Oct 2013 - present time

  • Lluís Florit


    June 2012 - June 2013